The classic allure of vintage cars isn't just about transportation; it's about a journey back in time, an era preserved, and stories told through design and detail. When using them as props in photoshoots, vintage cars instantly add character, depth, and a touch of nostalgia. Here are five captivating photoshoot themes where vintage cars take center stage:

  • Retro Road Trip
    • Setting: Open highways, roadside diners, and old gas stations.
    • Costumes: Think flared jeans, aviator sunglasses, and headscarves for ladies; for men, think leather jackets, white tees, and classic jeans.
    • Mood: This theme is all about freedom, youth, and adventure. The journey matters more than the destination.
    • Tip: Capture candid moments—like a map reading session or a spontaneous dance on the road—to bring out the essence of the theme.
Retro Vintage Classic Car Rental Photoshoot NYC
  • Roaring Twenties Extravaganza
    • Setting: City streets at night, jazz clubs, or old mansions.
    • Costumes: Flapper dresses, pearls, and headbands for women; tailored suits, bow ties, and fedoras for men.
    • Mood: Elegance, rebellion, and glitz—the 1920s were all about breaking norms and living life large.
    • Tip: Black and white or sepia-toned images can really transport viewers back in time. Don't forget to play some jazz in the background for authentic reactions! Imagine joining a Great Gatsby Party!
  • Drive-in Movie Date
    • Setting: Old drive-in theaters or open fields with a makeshift projector screen.
    • Costumes: Casual 50's wear—polka dot dresses for the ladies and polo shirts for the gents.
    • Mood: Romance under the stars, shared popcorn, and the magic of cinema.
    • Tip: Capture the reflection of the movie on the car's windshield and the expressions of wonder on the subjects' faces.


Retro Vintage Classic Car Rental Photoshoot NYC
  • Post-War Elegance
    • Setting: Historic homes, museums, or any place with grand architecture.
    • Costumes: Full skirts, gloves, and hats for women; suspenders, bowties, and well-fitted suits for men.
    • Mood: The resilience and hope of the 1940s, combined with elegance and sophistication.
    • Tip: Use lighting to highlight the car's design details, and don't be afraid to shoot in the rain or at dusk for a dramatic effect.
  • Beachside Bash of the 60s
    • Setting: Sandy shores, surfboards, and beach shacks.
    • Costumes: Floral shirts, bikinis, and beach shorts.
    • Mood: Sun, surf, and a whole lot of fun.
    • Tip: Pair the vintage car with surfboards or beach picnic setups. Capture subjects either in action (playing beach ball) or in relaxed poses. Imagine Jazz Lawn Age Party at Governor's Island type of vibe.


Retro Vintage Classic Car Rental Photoshoot NYC

Incorporating a vintage car in your photoshoot instantly transforms ordinary themes into extraordinary stories. Each scratch, hue, and curve of these cars has a tale to tell. When combined with the right setting and costumes, the possibilities are endless. So, buckle up and drive down the vintage lane, one photoshoot at a time!

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September 11, 2023 — Myrat Saryyev